Specialists in the field of communications and security solutions and information technology pillar of the basic service and customer satisfaction, and strive to achieve this by making a joint effort with our customers to understand well their needs and requirements and seek to attract high-level human cadres and with experience and integrity commensurate with the excellent service we provide to our customers. We provide integrated services to customers in security solutions and information technology.
Our services:
1. Computer networks (wired networks and Wireless-fiber fiber optic – servers and integrated solutions for networks).
2. Surveillance CCTV-IP Cameras)).
3. security solutions and Protection Systems
4. Smart meeting rooms and TV Systems meetings remotely.
Smart training halls
5. audio and display systems.
6. computer and language learning labs.
7. data processing centers
8. examination and measurement of optical fiber devices
We provide our services from the study, design and implementation to operation and training for special projects and government:
Wired and wireless networks ..
We believe you need companies to exchange information and share files among its employees or its branches so the Foundation has opened a special section networks contain a cadre of specialists in all types of networks, both wired and wireless Noaaha
Security systems ..
Care by providing state-of-the-art technology in the field of security systems Security Systems CCTV systems (where we have available a range of the latest types of surveillance cameras: fixed / mobile / zoom / Cameras against explosions / night vision cameras / cameras wired / wireless) and Control System entry and exit devices and fingerprint devices and detectors, protection and alarm and other related security systems and everything you believe in follow-up and protect your property and your work wherever you are, and that is used in all sectors. .
Audio and display systems:
Working hard since its inception to provide the most exquisite are produced by leading products and audio solutions integrated companies in this field and given the number of large projects we have made born we have enough experience to provide the most integrated and least vocal solutions cost to the customer various options from multiple sources, a state-created this profession makers.
And therefore, whatever the size of your project large or small, we can meet all your needs, whether acoustic hall meetings; Theater; playgrounds; Midayn display; a hospital; galleries; studio production; radio; educational halls …..
Meeting rooms ..
Due to the aspiration of clients to work in the process and the future conform and the needs of the global business environment keen Quartet communications systems and enterprise security solutions every care to Etjez smart and typical meeting rooms with the latest modern and advanced technologies.
Computer and language learning labs.
Became education institutions take on the education typical way, through the acquisition of best-edge technical him of tools to maintain its prestigious in the community and these education tools in a way visual and audio labs, which are directly related computerized From this point took Quad Ali Atgaha technical hiring for education and became our full professionalism in the preparation, manufacturing and the provision of such laboratories computer labs and language labs Alangelazahothviz Koran …..
Data Center
Data Centers are the “nerve centers” of the new private economy environments that boast the latest technology and computer operations. The purpose of this is a data center to focus and enhance information technology resources, allowing the infrastructure that provides 24/7 business availability, 365 days a year. Designed to offer round the clock business continuity services without interruption keen Quartet communications systems and enterprise security solutions every care to Etjez data center with the latest modern techniques
Uninterruptible power supply system (UPS)
Air conditioning system
Flooring System
Fire control system (FM200)
Computer management system in the room
Electrical Wiring
Entry and surveillance system
Cable Systems
Test & Measurement fiber optic devices
Rapid development, witnessed by services and communication technologies FIBER OPTICS
It assures us the extent of passion for communities to these services, so it has been telecommunications companies to keep up with this passion through the race to put all the new services and technologies, and the UK today is not immune to this development, and even matched by moment by moment, and become a strategic depth for the global telecoms, how Besides its strategic location, which connects the east of the continent Pegrbha, there Iqbal unrivaled Saudi society on technology and take advantage of its services
In addition to a special section of the processing acting fiber optic design and implementation of projects (supply; extend; examination; Alnhaiat processing) OZ Optics
Study projects ..
The development of any project, starting and ending with his idea to turn it on, is an integrated process is done through several successive stages, and here comes our turn in a complete study of the project starting from the feasibility study stage and the stage until the final delivery.